Private Dining & Catering

Private Dining Events & Catering are opportunities for us to work more directly with our guests and offers occasions for us to share our passion for fresh, healthy, locally grown food. Chef Harrison creates all of his dishes with passion and love, so we hope when people eat meals with us they taste the emotion that executed that meal. Chef loves to be inspired by our guests, friends & family and continues to challenge himself to provide amazing dining experience for everyone that comes to Keevil & Keevil. We opened Keevil & Keevil to bring healthy and sustainable eating to everyone. Together as a community we can contribute to our world and taking care of each other through food and moments around the table.

Keevil & Keevil is located in the historic Belmont Avenue and has been curated to house Chef Harrison’s pantry. We have created a very special and unique dining experience in which you are in the kitchen with the Chef and eating at his table. Harrison will create completely personal and seasonal menus for your dining experience and share his story behind the dishes he has created for you. We are available for private dinners in our store or in your house for 2-12 guests. Please contact Jennifer at 434.989.7648 or keevilkitchen. com